Emerald Presents: The first big event of the Revolution

Emerald photo booth

The Duck and the Emerald Photo Booth.

When we announced the Emerald Revolution last May, we knew we wanted to make campus events a central part of what we do. At the time, we had no idea what that would actually look like.

We started to figure it out last night.

The Emerald Revolution Launch Party featured:

- 3 live music acts

- Emerald Photo Booth

- Emerald Revolutionale beer

- Raffle with $1,000 in prizes

- 30 free pizzas

- Bean-bag toss

- One very special guest star

Revolution Party invite

The flier.

Our goals for the event were to make sure our staff, our readers and our clients knew and understood the new Emerald; and to drive higher pickup of the print paper, more page views on our website and more likes on Facebook.

Here’s what we did:

Live music: We had three student music groups perform, The Great Hiatum and two DJs, Biscuts & Gravy and ASW.

Photo Booth: We were lucky to have a special guest, The Oregon Duck. He graciously hammed it up with students. We rigged up a photo backdrop with our “E” logo, then Ivar Vong, our programmer, wrote a Photoshop action to overlay the elements of the Emerald cover. The result: Everyone who visited the photo booth has an Emerald cover with their picture on it available on our Facebook page. (More photos and video of the Duck coming next week.)

Revolutionale label

Revolutionale Label.

Revolutionale: Oakshire Brewing supplied an Emerald branded beer, Revolutionale. The folks who run the EMU, the student union, were nice enough to serve it during the party for $4 a pint.

Raffle: People had to like us on Facebook to enter our raffle. We gained about 80 new likes, finishing the day at 2,135 likes. We used prizes donated by or traded with advertisers, including The Duck Store, Tactics and Society 43.

30 free pizzas: Track Town Pizza gave us a good deal. I’ve never seen so much food disappear so fast.

Bean-bag toss: Who doesn’t like a game of cornhole? People who made two bags in the hole won a free glow stick.

Recap: We estimated that 500 to 600 people came through our event, with about 300 or so at the peak time. Our new Emerald Presents student marketing team spent three months planning the event. They did a great job. For our first big event, we were happy with how it turned out. But we hope it’s just the start.

The future: The goal for the Emerald Presents team is to support our editorial mission, bring in revenue through sponsorships and help us live up to our motto, “We make college better.” Later this year, we hope to create forums on the cost of higher education and rising student debt, the role of athletics on campus and a music festival/student political debate.

UPDATE: A few more links. The Duck’s visit to the Emerald office in photos and on video. A photo album from the party.

The Duck and me.

The Duck and me.