Structuring the newsroom to ensure digital success

Truly embracing digital media is a nearly impossible task for a college newsroom. Many have tried. Many have fallen short — including us. As we move from five issues a week to two, we’re afforded the chance to improve the quality of our journalism and build a digital culture. We’re reorganizing our staff to ensure that these things actually happens.

Here is the new newsroom:

Three managing editors
→ The print editor will make sure that we’re providing content with depth that can withstand three days on the newsstand.
→ The digital editor will keep a close eye on our redesigned website and tidy up from time to time.
→ The art director will ensure that all our products blend together visually.

→ We’re creating a team of iPad-equipped digital news reporters — appropriately named The Speed Team — to post short pieces throughout the day.
→ Enterprise reporters will write narrative-driven, investigative stories focused around a micro-beat for the cover of our news edition. Each will become an expert in their topic area and run a blog about it.
→ We’re building a staff of features writers and bloggers who are passionate about a particular topic — sex, fashion, food, etc. — who will write about it in print and online.
→ At Oregon, sports is a huge part of our coverage. Our print writers will give the deep, analytical stories. Digital reporters will focus on getting users all the information essential to the impassioned fan.

Art department
Designers collaborate with an illustrator to produce expressive and surprising pages in print.
→ Digital designer is responsible for creating infographics, visual metaphors and cutouts for our website.
→ The multimedia and photo teams work to illustrate our stories on the best medium. They’ll also be free to enterprise and find their own compelling visual stories.
→ Web developer will create new reporting tools and work to integrate them with WordPress.

This is just an overview of our plans for the newsroom. We’ll post details soon. I’d love to hear what you think.

Andy Rossback is the incoming editor in chief of the Emerald. You can tweet him at @arossback.  

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